About Us
A strong focus in electronic design, controls, assembly and testing
Our core asset lies in the ability to work closely with our customers to develop solutions for their needs. With a solid background in electronic design, controls, assembly and testing, we have a strong focus to develop new products that specifically fit these capabilities.

Our key alliances with our sister companies allow for near vertical integration, as we work from concept to physical product. We utilize the latest 3-D modeling and software tools for design, and track our production work through an MRP II program.

The future is bright for Source Two, and we are pleased to assist with your needs!

Electronic design, controls, assembly and testing

seal film splicer

Source Two was founded in 1983. What started as a spare parts and support company for discontinued product lines, quickly ramped up as S2 developed numerous fixtures and test equipment for Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY. These CPU-controlled devices utilized stepper motors and pneumatics for accurate positioning and processing of test films and photographic papers.

Those efforts spawned a complete line of film handling products geared for high volume, professional and motion picture labs worldwide. The company focused on both its product lines and engineering services for years, working with companies like Kodak, Fujifilm in Japan, and Raytheon Systems.

In 2000, the company worked directly with Kodak to develop the world’s first successful automatic one-time-use camera opener. The effort put S2 in solid shape, while, at the same time, film users started converting to digital products.

Realizing the impact of this industry change, S2 actively sought new opportunities for it’s technical staff beyond the photo industry, and worked through a successful ownership transition in 2005. The company has retained its core staff, and is implementing a successful transition into new markets. We continue to support our worldwide customer base, and maintain a strong relationship with Raytheon Systems. We have key initiatives progressing with new customers, and a clear focus on the future.