PCB precision motion control design

Other Capabilities Include:

  • “Concept to Production” technical capability with strong emphasis on precision motion control

  • Product Development, electro-mechanical assembly, and quality control services

  • Turnkey PCB design capability, including component selection and layout, circuit and schematic design, including BOM via ORCAD software package

  • Expanded Software Design (Firmware) capability, including full functional testing, debug ability and fixture development

  • Expanded knowledge of device control via Firmware/PCB, including motors, sensor logic, pneumatics and imaging (camera) systems

  • Design expertise in Wire Management and Harnessing, Power Supply and Control Cabinets

  • Full line of custom designed sensors (visible and IR)

  • Ability to transition “older” PCBs into “newer” versions, utilizing latest tools and technology, including component refinement, PCB enhancement, and layout for production efficiency via SMT (Surface Mount Technology)

Source Two, Inc. seeks to engage customers who require concept to production development and manufacturing services. We complement our mechanical aptitude with expertise in electrical circuit PCB and firmware design for highly accurate and repeatable motor and other device-controlled applications.

Final assembly testing of motion control devices

We work closely with customers, getting involved as early as possible, to offer assistance during the specification phase of the development. Once achieving a clear understanding of the development effort, we are able to move right through concept to development, and from development through production!

Our PCB designs, in particular, include single, double, and multi-layer complexity, and utilize both “through hole” and state-of-the-art “surface mount” technology. We’ve developed over 50 PCB designs ranging from CPU, precision stepper/servo control and sensor conditioning, to a DSP-based barcode reader with gray-scale image processing.

We enjoy the opportunity to work directly with customers toward a common development goal. Combined with our creative mechanical engineering group, prototype machining, and assembly services on site, we offer a well-rounded, value-added ability to make your ideas and your products happen.